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Santiago Moya - Owner

After  a  25  year  successful  career  in  Law   Enforcement,  which included  18  years   as  an  FBI  Firearms  and Police  Instructor,  Santiago  opened   MPS  in  2019  in  order  to  provide firearms instruction  at  the  highest level.   Santiago  has also  been  certified as a Firearms Instructor and Police Instructor  by  the  Texas  Commission On Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).    

In addition,  Santiago is certified as a Private Investigator (PI)  and Personal Protection Officer (PPO) by the  Bureau of Private Security of the State of Texas.  Services offered include litigation support, review and analysis of documents in both English and Spanish, discrete surveillance, and personal protection for VIPs. Santiago's network includes a variety of qualified and certified law enforcement personnel.

Because of Santiago's experience and training, he also provides active shooter training  to commercial, educational and religious organizations.

Contact Santiago to discuss your particular needs and requirements, and how MPS can help you.   

Firearms Training Provided

License To Carry (LTC)

Students will learn laws and regulations to qualify and carry a concealed firearm in the State of Texas.  Students will need to bring 50 rounds of pistol ammunition to qualify at the end of the course.  Contact Santiago for dates and times.

Other Firearms Training

Before booking , please  contact MP&S by email to verify Class and Range availability.       

ATTENTION TEXAS PEACE OFFICERS!!  You may earn TCOLE firearms training credit by taking MPS  courses.                      

ATTENTION GOVERNMENT CONTRACTORS!!  Some of the rules have changed, and contractors heading back to Afghanistan may need to shoot their firearms qualification here in the U.S. prior to their departure. If you need to get Pistol, M4 or AK-47 qualified, contact Santiago.  We can get it done!

Training Locations

Texas Handgun Academy - Dallas, TX.

Extreme Tactics & Training Solutions - Waxahachie, TX.

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